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Late Cancellations/No Show and Late arrival Policy

Please help us to reduce price increases.

Many salons like ourselves are losing hundreds of pounds per week due to client no shows, late cancellations and late arrivals.

Thank you in advance to all our loyal guests, who most of which this message does not apply to.

A 50% surcharge is payable under the following circumstances

1. Late Cancellations: please always give us a minimum of a full 48 hours notice if you have to cancel your appointment, for all late cancellations a  fee of 50% will be payable.

2. No Shows: Appointment will be treated as a late cancellation at 50% charge.

3. Arriving Late: Over 15 mins may result in a charge of 15 mins of the stylists hourly rate together with moving your appointment to an alternative stylist or if not possible are schedule will result in a late cancellations charge of 50%.

As a commitment to helping you follow our policy we will always send out an SMS and email reminders 7 Days and 48 Hours prior to your appointment.


Consistent lateness, no showing or late cancellations will result in a deposit needed to be taken before booking your appointment